Fun Friday - the bouncy egg experiment!

With all the excitement of the Easter bunny we forgot about our last egg- experiment..."the bouncy egg" so I thought it might be a fun one to start off this new blog spot... "Fun Friday", where I will share a new experiment for you to try!

So firstly, this is how we set up the experiment....

Then we were supposed to leave the eggs in their vinegar for one to two days.... but we got caught up in Easter bunnies, and left them for a week ;0)

No harm done the experiment still worked really well... except when I was washing the egg from the plain vinegar experiment, I burst it... Ooops!

Still no harm done as we substituted the other just to show you how the "bouncy" bit worked!

So here is what the egg looked like...

Then for a bit more fun I turned on a UV light!  Ok, I know, most of you don't have one of these lying around at home but as I'm a Mad Scientist I do ;0) ...and I was curious to know what would happen if we left it sit in flourescent vinegar.

The results were Fab!! A flourescent egg... check it out!  (I hope you can hear me in the video, sound is a bit low!)

So there you go, it worked better than I expected... the egg is completely flourescent.... and bouncy, just for that extra bit of fun!

...and in case you are wondering "WHAT IS FLOURESCENCE?"....let me explain... it is the emission of light from an object after it has absorbed light (or lectromagentic energy).... usually the light absorbed has a short wavelength (in this case the UV light) and the light emitted has a longer wavelength.

So when I shone the UV light onto the egg it "glowed", even in daylight it  looks bright - just like a flourescent pen!

The flourescent egg in daylight!

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