More glowing fun...

I told you we were a little "glow crazy" in our house this Halloween season and I promised you one more glowing blog post, so here it is... we decided to give an old favourite... "rainbow explosions" a new twist and made them glow in the dark. This one was so much fun!

You will need:

Small plastic pots or cups
Bread soda
A number of different fluorescent paints (or glow in the dark paints*)
A plate or tray to contain the experiment
A UV light*

What to do:

This is just like the original Rainbow explosion experiment except we used fluorescent paint instead of food colouring and we added the vinegar to the bread soda instead of the other way around!

*If you do not have a UV light you can try this experiment in daylight as the fluorescent paints will still give a great colour explosion, or you can use different colours of glow in the dark paint and turn off the lights!!

My three Junior Scientists really enjoyed this one!

We loved how all the colours mixed together!

Have fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!